It’s the year 2018. Do cultural differences still really exist?
Doing business globally can provide your business with exciting new opportunities for growth and profit. However, if global business were easy, everyone would do it.


Working with colleagues or clients from other countries is never quite as simple as working with people who share the same corridor, language and culture as you.


We’d like to believe that we live in a global village that we understand each other, that “it’s all about people” and that country culture is less relevant.


Yes, the world is a smaller place, but we still come from different homes, go to different schools, study in different ways, and vary in our approach to work, challenges and conflict.
“It’s all about people” and to understand what makes people tick we need to understand the culture they come from.


Culture competency is about providing professionals with a set of behaviors & attitudes that will enable them to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.


Who can benefit by attending?
All those interacting with customers and colleagues from different cultures via text, voice, video or in-person, who want to improve their relationships, build rapport and create more value.


We offer Cultural Competency workshop as well as Country Specific workshops.


Key Content
  • Evaluating your Cultural Competency
  • Perception is reality. How can we better understand the way we are perceived?
  • Cross cultural relationship building
  • Hosting and toasting
Many companies – and even economies – have tied their fates with China’s, which has become a leading player in the growth industry of the world.
Those who have studied the Chinese markets and culture have leveraged their work in China and turned it into a substantial profitable work source. Others failed, suffered losses and had to close their business in the country.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”
Although written by Lao Zi more than 2500 years ago, your first step in China still has a great effect on the continuity of your path. Make sure you come prepared for the first meeting or conversation.


Especially in China: “It’s all about people.”
People who have taken their first step in China were always surprised to find out  that the person they spoke to or even met with , won’t return their calls anymore and might even work with the competitor.
In addition to Israel’s rich culture and rising businesses in China, we must understand our fellow Chinese. We need to understand their state of mind, motivations and the right ways to approach.
The Chinese dedicate a lot of time to nurture Guanxi (inter human relations) that are a key in developing long term, profitable businesses in China.
“In fact, a Chinese who lacks Guanxi is considered by his colleagues as half Chinese”.
Our individually tailored programs and consulting services will help you better understand the rules of the game in China and create strong sustainable relationships with your Chinese partners.


Key Content
  • Understanding the Chinese way of thinking and how it affects their productivity
  • Establishing mid and long term cooperation with the Chinese partner
  • Leveraging visits in China or hosting Chinese guests in order to strengthen business partnerships
  • Avoiding conflict and managing crises with Chinese partners


Who can we help?
Anyone working or intending to work with Chinese colleagues, customers or partners, who wishes to establish long-term trust based business relationship.


We work with Companies taking their first steps in China,  teams who interact daily with Chinese counterparts as well as start-ups who raise investment from Chinese investors.