Founded in 2001, Barry Katz Ltd, designs and delivers training programs that focus on developing professional communication skills, building and sustaining stronger, closer business relationships. Our “It’s All About People” approach reflects our passion for developing people and organizations to communicate their success.


Our simple formula:


Communications > Relationships > Results



What makes us different?
We don’t believe we have all the answers. There is more than just one “right” answer.
Our workshops are learner centric. We challenge how people think not just what they do.
Our mission is to create high value for every participant. Offer practical solutions they can use the next day.
We have worked in over 22 countries, sharing practical communication tools and methodology that are tailored to specific situations and industries. Each training program is carefully planned, with exercises, role-play scenarios and case studies relevant to participants’ level of knowledge and experience.


We work works in a variety of industries, our client list varies and includes: High Tech, Startups, Pharmaceutical, NGO’s and Non Profits. We are proud to work with companies such as: Microsoft, CheckPoint, IBM, Google, HP, Oracle, AbbVie, PWC, AstraZeneca, SanDisk, Ernst & Young, Amdocs, EMC, NICE, Teva, McCann Ericsson and many more.


Barry Katz Ltd. is headed by Barry Katz, who has more than 25 years of experience in training individuals and groups. The professional team comprises seasoned experts in different aspects of communication, all of whom share Barry’s attitude and commitment to helping people communicate more effectively, more successfully