Too busy, don’t want to or can’t attend our effective presentation workshop?
Want to get professional personal feedback in private so you can up your presentation skills to the next level?



Need to prepare and practice for a special, strategic or stressful meeting, interview or presentation?
Or perhaps you just want to refresh and polish your skill set?
The good news is, we can help! We developed a short personal training process that is tailored to your specific needs.



Since 2001 we worked with thousands of beginners and a well-seasoned presenters. We offer a valuable opportunity to close the gap between self-perception and reality. Compare how they think they look and sound like, to what they really look and sound like. The results are often surprising .



We believe in a short, high impact process, so our personal coaching program has 3 steps:


  1. Assess current skill level and develop a customized program
  2. A series of one on one sessions to prepare and practice
  3. A follow-up program to maintain and lock in the learning



What content and skills do we work on in step 2?
Anything we set as a personal goal and objective in step 1. Any of the content we cover in our workshops.





How long does it take?
It depends on existing level and expectations. It can be just one session, in our experience, three to four 90min sessions will make a noticed improvement. Basically, we work with you until you feel ready.


A very personal and intimate learning experience.
We create an open and safe space for individuals who want to learn what they want, when and where they want. At a pace and level of detail that is suited to their personal preference.


Content and duration of one on one coaching sessions is designed to suit the purpose.


It can be to prepare for a strategic event, develop and sharpen specific communication and leadership skills or boost confidence. Sessions can be face to face or web based.