People have a short attention span. And it’s getting shorter.


It is becoming increasingly challenging to get and keep an audience’s attention. Brevity is the key. Shorter, value-focused and audience-centric presentations are more powerful, effective and sadly, rare.


The right message, delivered the wrong way, is the wrong message!


Knowing how to priorities data, adapt it to different audiences, and package information into different structures and time-frames has nothing to do with product technical knowledge. It has everything to do with the right way to design and deliver a message.



These are the 3 primary questions an audience expects answered
Knowing how to accurately answer these questions will significantly help to design and deliver a powerful presentation:


What next?
Clearly define the objective, what is your desired result
So what?
Why should an audience bother to give you what you ask for?
Why me?
Why should they listen to you? Or trust you as a presenter?


We believe presenting effectively is an art and science that can be acquired, taught and always improved. No matter what content or who the audience, in every industry, language or culture the principals of presenting effectively are the same. It’s about knowing how to communicate relevant value in a short, original and focused message.


We specialize in developing these effective presentation skills for groups and individuals.


We can help anyone who wants to:


  • Become consciously competent of their presentation style
  • Feel and look more confident when speaking with an audience
  • Build credibility, charisma and high trust when presenting
  • Initiate and maintain high level of audience engagement
  • Structure any content into a short high value message
  • Fit any content into any time frame or media
  • Expect the unexpected, what to say when they got nothing to say
  • Turn technical, financial or scientific data into stories
  • Use visual aids to save time and facilitate attention and retention
  • Get to the point, prioritize information, know what NOT to say
  • Tailoring a message to C-Level and any size audience
  • Present effectively across media channels, face2face, video, online
  • Simplify a complex message


Barry Katz’s proven methodology allows every participant to strengthen their confidence by first identifying and then playing to their strengths.
Does this sound like you?
Too busy, don’t want to or can’t attend our effective presentation workshop?
Want to get professional feedback in private so you can up your presentation skills to the next level?
Need to prepare and practice for a special, strategic or stressful meeting, interview or presentation?
Or perhaps you just want to refresh and polish your skill set?



The good news is, we can help!
We developed a short personal training process that is tailored to your specific needs.


Since 2001 we worked with thousands of beginners and a well-seasoned presenters. We offer a valuable opportunity to close the gap between self-perception and reality. Compare how you think you look and sound, to what you really look and sound like. The results are often surprising.



We believe in a short, high impact process, so our personal coaching program has 3 steps:


1. Assess current skill level and develop a customized program


2. A series of one on one sessions to prepare and practice


3. A follow-up program to maintain and lock in the learning


What content and skills do we work on in step #2?
Anything we set as a personal goal and objective in step #1.
Any of the content we cover in our workshops.


How long does it take?
It depends on existing level and expectations – it can even be just only one session!
In our experience, three to five 90 minute sessions will make a noticed improvement. Basically, we work with you until you feel ready.