Learning and development programs designed specifically for project managers


Successful projects are key for a company’s growth. Project Managers have a major impact of such. Professional, experienced and skilled PMs know how to make things happen, get stakeholders on- board, minimize risks and lead projects that meet their objectives.
We can also well imagine the ramifications of a project lacking proper project management.


What we offer:
Workshops and learning processes geared to upgrade Project Managers’ skills to the next level; while clearly mapping areas of strengths and those which requires improvement. Our programs provide the most updated best practices in the project management industry.


Key Content
  • Realistic planning – common planning mistakes and best practices
  • Project control methods – BMW model and more
  • PM effectiveness – keeping the project flow
  • What can go wrong – risk management and mitigation
  • Identification engagement and effective management of project stakeholders
  • Change management in project – from theory to practice


*In order to tailor our programs to the needs of the organization and PM, a needs analysis process is performed before each program. This includes interviews with relevant managers, PMs and other stakeholders.

Workshops designed to help anyone who wants to use project management tools


Whether in R&D, IT, Sales, HR or Support, in today’s environment we all can benefits from the Project Managers toolbox.


To make things happen, you must plan, control and lead teams.
Especially in a global matrix environment, Project Management methodologies and tools will improve day-to-day performance capabilities, enhance internal collaboration and lead to better results.


What we offer:
Workshops aimed to provide participants with easy-to-learn and simple-to-use tools from the Project Management toolbox. Participants will feel more competent, confident and positive in their ability to plan and manage different activities, projects and processes.


Key Content
  • What can project management do for you?
  • Start with success – learn to initiate your project effectively
  • Realistic planning – common planning mistakes and best practices
  • Project control and closure
  • What can go wrong – Risk Management
  • Manage and engage stakeholders