Selling isn’t telling
Talking or telling is perhaps the easiest way to manage a conversations with customers but often it’s the least effective way.


The ability to engage, interact and manage conversations with customers is critical to successful sales. Every interaction is an opportunity to connect and receive information about what customers want, think and feel and how what we have to offer can make their life easier or better. Often important information is missed because sales people are too busy selling.


STOP selling! Start helping your customer make a buying decision.



Helping customers buy
To help customers buy, sales people need to master the art of presenting and more so, the art and science of questioning & listening.


What questions to ask?
When and how to ask them?
How to truly listen to what is said and not said?
When and how to stop listening?


How to source new customers and start new conversations? How to maintain and up sell to existing customers? How to initiate and manage comfortable discussions so customers see sales people not as a vendor trying to sell a product but a trusted partner offering a solutions to a problem they have?



So, customer choose to buy instead of sales people trying to sell
Our sales program share proven and fundamental rules to create positive customer interactions and engagement.


The skills, tools and methodology is relevant to anyone in the organization with a sales function who wishes to refresh or sharpen and polish their sales skill set.


We adapt content and exercise to different levels of knowledge and experience.