Business Networking is much more than small talk, schmoozing, or collecting names on LinkedIn or FacebookIt’s about achieving results through long-term relationships.


Companies are seeking to provide employees with abilities to thrive in highly matrixed, cross-functional environments. As part of this effort they desire to strengthen collaboration between employees in order to help them have more impact, work more effectively, increase responsibility, and tap into their collective ability.


Effective networking skills are gaining momentum as some of the world’s most recognized tools for collaboration, business development and client retention.


Whether at an event, a business meeting, or working with colleagues, building strong relationships is vital to success. The concept seems simple, but many rely only on their personality and charm, and others assume they can’t learn how to network and avoid it altogether. Most professionals want a more structured system that can improve the results of their networking in a measurable way.


Adam Max’s networking workshops are designed to provide tools and techniques for consistently effective networking. These skills can be used by anyone, regardless of position or experience, for the purpose of building and maintaining strategic business partnerships.


Sessions are designed as interactive discussions that include demonstrations and active participation exercises. They contain explanations about networking and examples of successful implementation of its principles relevant to the participants’ business environment and level of expertise. Participants gain both knowledge and practical tools they can use immediately.


Accelerate your success by developing and leveraging productive relationships:


  • Expand your business network strategically
  • Improve results from your existing relationships
  • Increase your return from events and conferences
  • Spur innovation and improve efficiency
  • Tap into the collective ability and improve collaboration.