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Since 2001 we design and deliver training programs that focus on developing professional communication skills.

Barry Katz Our Founder

Barry Katz

Successful communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. Stronger Relationships yield better Results

We improve


We motivate people to learn better communication. And we do this with great passion.

This is how we do that

Discovery Discussion

We know there is a lot we don’t know.

That’s why we keep learning and investing in preparation and careful planning. Every customer is different, so we tailor every workshop activity, simulation, and exercise differently.

Customer Centric Learning

We create a safe learning space.

It’s not about us and what we want to say, it’s about our customers and what they want to learn. We focus on what creates the highest value. We engage, challenge and encourage minds, and hearts to learn and grow.

Lock in the Learning

Changed behavior sustains over time.

We give practical tools process and methodology to implement the learning. We build the confidence and motivation needed to implement new behaviours that turn into habits

Our People

Barry Katz

Roy Shapira

Yochi Bardugo

Ariella Dore-Bar

Leonid Rezinsky

Efrat Gazit

Niran Tuffias

Adam Max

Meital Ben-Tovim

Caryn Tamari

Daniela Liberman

Eli Ezra

Tal Gal-On

Laura Geri

Ayala Zilberman