How to Engage an Audience for Presentation Success

Interacting effectively with your audience before, during, and after your presentation is crucial to the success of your presentation. Especially if you are presenting remotely.

So how can you ensure your audience is captivated and engaged? Here are a few tips:

Send a survey, have discovery discussions, find out as much as you can about your audience, who are they? what are their priorities?  

For remote presentations: Be the first to join and welcome people by their name and engage in small talk before starting

Start with a question that:

  • Is a thought-provoking, that builds curiosity related to your message
  • Will map your audience’s experience and interest, grab their attention
  • Sparks a short conversation, breaks the ice, or checks in with how they are feeling

Throughout your presentation, challenge their thinking or knowledge by giving them an exercise, a quiz or a problem to solve

Tell a relevant story that will make an emotional connection with your audience. Share examples based on your personal experience

At the end of a section or after an important point, Pause and ask for feedback, invite questions and comments.

follow up and follow through, ask for feedback on how your next session could be improved, keep in touch.

By ensuring you talk with – not just to – your audience, you will benefit by getting and keeping their attention and get your message across more successfully

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