Building Loyalty Through the ABC

Communication is the basis of every relationship, both professional and personal. If we improve our communication, we will improve our relationships – and better relationships drive organizational success. The ABC we’re discussing in this blog is an acronym for three important aspects that create an environment of growth, achievement and employee retention. What does ABC […]

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How to Be Powerful When Going Virtual

Two years ago, we moved to working from home and our communication moved to online platforms! And whether we like it or not, it’s clear that remote meetings are here to stay.    After running countless online workshops and meetings with hundreds of participants around the world, I still see many presenters who have not […]


What’s the difference between these two sentences? 1. “Here is my update …”2. “The most interesting point in my update is …” The second sentence will get more attention because it’s more intriguing. It suggests that something interesting is coming up. This technique is called priming attention.Priming is the art of stimulating the attention of […]


It seems like we are hearing a lot more about China these days. Whether it’s economics, demographic, geopolitics, or anything else – China has re-emerged as a world superpower nobody should be able to ignore. If we were not working with China, we would be meeting Chinese competitors across the board. The term “factory of the […]

What’s all the hype around storytelling? Is it justified?

Daniela Liberman “Storytelling” has become a trendy concept in recent years, but in fact, it has existed since the dawn of humanity.  Stories are how people transferred information from one another, often while gathered around the campfire.Children grow up with stories, learning about the practicalities and rules of life..  Simply put, a story is a […]

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Crossing an Ocean of Data Without Drowning

How to present data without losing the audience By: Daniela Liberman, Trainer and Consultant for Barry Katz Ltd. In the worlds of medicine, hi-tech and science, the amount of information and data is vast. Presenting data in medicine can save lives, in high-tech it can facilitate large acquisitions and in science, it can lead to exciting discoveries. […]

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Interpersonal Communication in the Age of Social Distancing: How Do We Create Closeness from a Distance?

This article is a translation of the article that first appeared on ynet.com, [Aug 4, 2020, תקשורת בין-אישית בעידן הריחוק החברתי: איך מייצרים קרבה מרחוק?] The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to get used to a new reality that exists, mostly, on the screen. As a result, the dynamics and communication between people have changed. […]

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The Difference Between Ted Talks & Business Presentations

Recently I was asked what are the fundamental differences between Ted talks and business presentations. I will point out the differences and the similarities because being aware of both will help improve your presentation skills. Teds are not the same as business presentations in that they are structured to provide a message in an entertaining setting: […]

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Less is more or the more the better?

We often encourage our clients to be concise. Less is more! we say. Yet, sometimes, some, take our advice to the extreme. Their communication becomes too concise it loses clarity and that leads to misunderstandings. So, when should we keep adding more content, and when does it become redundant? The answer is in the value\content […]

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Practice Makes Progress

Meital Ben Tovim gives simple and accurate practices to get you ready for that moment you are facing a sale or job opportunity and want to win them

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The Opportunity in Conflict

Efrat Gazit explains how to avoid the classic pitfall of offence/defense in any conflict, and instead engaging in a more open manner, leading to a quicker resolution

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Back to the Watercooler

At the end of dinner last night with friends, I realized this was the first time COVID-19 didn’t come up even once during the whole evening. I guess we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it’s not immediate, we are already sensing the change. At a certain point during […]

How to Build Your Personal Brand

People everywhere are becoming aware of the importance of personal branding. In this short video, Adam Max shares the most important factor in personal branding, and the first step we have to take to build the personal brand we want.

5 Common Pitch Mistakes That Startups Make

Originally published on YTech Runway – https://ytechrunway.com/pro/article/1112 I love working with startups and preparing them to present to investors. I’m inspired by their vision, their courage and their belief that they can change the world. However, I consistently see startups making the same mistakes in their pitches, and it hurts their chances of success. For […]

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How to Engage an Audience for Presentation Success

Interacting effectively with your audience before, during, and after your presentation is crucial to the success of your presentation. Especially if you are presenting remotely. So how can you ensure your audience is captivated and engaged? Here are a few tips: Before: Send a survey, have discovery discussions, find out as much as you can about your […]

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5 C’s of Building Trust

We define trust as “the willingness to engage in unguarded interaction”, and believe that trust is the foundation of every successful relationship, personal or professional. For trust to flourish there are specific behaviors that must be present and nurtured. We call them “The 5 C’s”: The first is Confidence – feeling sure of your capabilities. […]

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Essential Soft Skills for Effective Leadership

A conversation with Barry Katz What’s the difference between a “Manager” and a “Leader”? And how do they communicate differently?  I sat down with Barry Katz to get his insights on some essential soft skills to impact leadership in the workplace (and, here’s a bonus: adopting these practices will also help to deepen your interpersonal […]

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Bridging the Collaboration Gap Amongst Teams

Collaboration is paramount to a successful business and yet, it can often feel like one of the more challenging aspects to truly attain. Collaboration is more than just setting meetings and meeting deadlines. True collaboration is people working well together because they want to. This happens when there is a shared vision and understanding of […]

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Boundaries in the Time of the Coronavirus

Boundaries. One of the most defining aspects of the coronavirus period. Stay at home, or close to it. Stay within the boundaries. That is clear. And yet there is one boundary that is less clear than ever. It is a boundary that has always challenged us – the boundary between work and home life. For […]

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Communicating During Times of Uncertainty

How Communication Can Clear Up a Fog One of the ‘biggest’ questions people are asking now during the novel Corona pandemic is: how do you communicate in times of uncertainty? The answer is that in periods of uncertainty we must communicate certainty. When times are tough we need to hear a simple, concise and coherent […]


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