Essential Soft Skills for Effective Leadership

A conversation with Barry Katz What’s the difference between a “Manager” and a “Leader”? And how do they communicate differently?  I sat down with Barry Katz to get his insights on some essential soft skills to impact leadership in the workplace (and, here’s a bonus: adopting these practices will also help to deepen your interpersonal […]

Bridging the Collaboration Gap Amongst Teams

Collaboration is paramount to a successful business and yet, it can often feel like one of the more challenging aspects to truly attain. Collaboration is more than just setting meetings and meeting deadlines. True collaboration is people working well together because they want to. This happens when there is a shared vision and understanding of […]

חג שמח מצוות בארי כץ
Boundaries in the Time of the Coronavirus

Boundaries. One of the most defining aspects of the coronavirus period. Stay at home, or close to it. Stay within the boundaries. That is clear. And yet there is one boundary that is less clear than ever. It is a boundary that has always challenged us – the boundary between work and home life. For […]

Communicating During Times of Uncertainty

How Communication Can Clear Up a Fog One of the ‘biggest’ questions people are asking now during the novel Corona pandemic is: how do you communicate in times of uncertainty? The answer is that in periods of uncertainty we must communicate certainty. When times are tough we need to hear a simple, concise and coherent […]

Real Experience – Real Learning

Effective, practical, and engaging learning experience.


 THE POWER OF PRESENCE   How to deliver a powerful message  The presentation ecosystem — Better prepared than sorry  Get to the point — Create shorter and more focused presentations  Body language — How to project a confident, competent impression  Make it stick — 5 techniques to make your message memorable 


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