Remote training solutions tailored to your organization, group and goals.

Our RLX Workshops

Virtual Meetings - How to Get the Best Results

Best practices and quick wins to help you plan, manage and secure participants’ engagement, overcome obstacles and achieve your objectives.

Switch on Your Online Charisma

Did you know that you can learn to become charismatic even when communicating remotely?

Learn how to adapt your in-person passion and presence to create likability and build stronger personal connections in a “digital-first” environment.

From Superhero to Superhuman (for managers)

Creating a psychologically safe environment in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.

How to lead with authenticity and help others become their best selves.

Mind-Mapping - A Visual Way of Thinking

Turn ideas and information into organized maps to help you clearly understand and explain anything.

Based on the Tony Buzan methodology.

Meetings with China — How to Do Them Right

Learn how to plan and effectively participate in meetings (f2f & remote) with Chinese clients, colleagues and employees.

Know how to make small talk, what to talk about and what to be aware of. Learn the 10 most useful Chinese words.

Concise Communication - How to Think Like an Editor

As attention spans get shorter, brevity becomes essential.

A concise message is more impactful, memorable and effective. Learn how to rethink, reduce and reword your communication – in English – so that it moves people to action and achieves your goals.

Personal Branding

How are you perceived by your colleagues, managers and clients? Do you know what they say about you when you leave the room? Their perception is your personal brand.

Learn to define, build and leverage your personal brand to connect, collaborate and influence.

I firmly believe that successful communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. I say “it’s all about people” , because people like to do business with people they like. The stronger the relationship the better the results.

Barry Katz

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