Not Another Meeting! Managing Meetings with Your Overseas Teams

If you’re bouncing from one meeting to another, you’re not alone. The rising number of meetings people have in their calendars often means there’s less time to actually do their jobs. Add to that the complexity of working in global teams across multiple time zones and it becomes a juggling act.


Navigating in Global Waters – Can Cultural Competence be Learned?

We’ve all heard the cultural stereotypes that imply people from certain countries or cultures are bound to be extremely nice, polite, laid back, lazy or hard working. But is there a shred of truth in these stereotypes? Can we talk about cultural tendencies and are they relevant to the way we conduct business with our […]


Between chaos and harmony

It seems like we are hearing a lot more about China these days. Whether it’s economics, demographic, geopolitics, or anything else – China has re-emerged as a world superpower nobody should be able to ignore. If we were not working with China, we would be meeting Chinese competitors across the board. The term “factory of the […]

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