Powerful Presentations

Presenting with Slides: Avoiding Three Common Mistakes

We’ve all been there, sitting in an audience, watching a presentation that just doesn’t work. An effective presentation has clear messages, compelling content, and a confident speaker. Slides can be helpful in making your ideas easy to understand and keeping our audience focused. However, slides can also be distracting or create competing messages. In this […]


The Difference Between Ted Talks & Business Presentations

Recently I was asked what are the fundamental differences between Ted talks and business presentations. I will point out the differences and the similarities because being aware of both will help improve your presentation skills. Teds are not the same as business presentations in that they are structured to provide a message in an entertaining setting: […]


5 Common Pitch Mistakes That Startups Make

Originally published on YTech Runway – https://ytechrunway.com/pro/article/1112 I love working with startups and preparing them to present to investors. I’m inspired by their vision, their courage and their belief that they can change the world. However, I consistently see startups making the same mistakes in their pitches, and it hurts their chances of success. For […]

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