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    Barry Katz Communicating Success

    Highlights From the Summit

    Choice Summit Opening - Roy Shapira

    Barry Katz - Everything We Do Is a Choice

    Six Tips For Powerful Storytelling- Eli Ezra

    Practice Makes Progress - Meital Ben Tovim

    The Opportunity in Conflict- Efrat Gazit

    Be Brief Be Brilliant Be Gone- Daniela Liberman

    Creating Collaboration- Barry Katz & Efrat Gazit

    Communicating Success - When Things Go Wrong- Niran Tuffias

    Turn on Your Charisma - Meital Ben Tovim & Caryn Tamari

    Personal Branding Through Relationships - Adam Max

    Panel with Monica Angeli (TikTok) and Tal Zorman (Teva International Markets)

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