Global Summit For L&D and HR


This summit is about the choices that make
relationships & organizations more successful

How we share information, thoughts and feelings is a choice

How we listen and respond to others is a choice

Learning to communicate better is a choice

March 2nd, 2021


Roy Shapira | General Manager

Communicating Success in 2021

Why Choice?

Barry Katz | Founder

Why Choice Awareness Matters

My Choice
60-Sec Video

3 Senior Trainers Share Their Choice

Content in 1 minute

Your Choice Track Sessions

30-Min Bite-Size Learning

Choose Yours

10 Min' Break


Monica Angeli | TikTok Head of Business Training & Development Europe
Tal Zorman | Teva VP HR International markets

Which of Our Choices From 2020 Will Help Us Grow in 2021?


Peer 2 Peer Group Discussion:

How You Can Empower Through Choice

Closing Session

Final Thoughts

Choose Your Session

Creating Collaboration


“Collaboration” is the practice of people working together to achieve common goals. It is a catalyst to innovation, productivity and business growth. However, collaboration can’t be forced. People work well together only if they want to.

How can we inspire people to make the choice to collaborate?

Facilitators: Barry Katz , Efrat Gazit

Communicating Success, When Things Go Wrong

“Something unexpected always happens” and delivering bad news isn’t fun.
How we choose to manage these interactions has more to do with HOW we communicate than WHAT we communicate. Learn 8 practical tools that can help deliver negative messages to customers and colleagues in a way that will be easier to do and without damaging the relationship.

Facilitator: Niran Tuffias

Personal Branding Through Relationships

What do your colleagues, managers and employees say about you when you leave the room?

Their perception is your personal brand.

Choose how you want to be perceived, and leverage your personal brand to collaborate and influence.

Facilitator: Adam Max

Turn on Your Charisma

Charismatic people are like human magnets, they pull people towards them.

When you are charismatic, people will give you their full attention and you become more influential.

You can learn how to switch on your charisma by choosing to practice specific behaviors.

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It's All About People

Since 2001 we design and deliver training programs that focus on developing professional communication skills.

Barry Katz

Successful communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. Stronger relationships yield better results.

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