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Remote training solutions tailored to your organization, group and goals.

Remote Meetings

How to Get the Best Results

  • Online Meetings – Identify the challenges and how to overcome them
  • The Power of Presence – How to adapt your presentation style to the virtual medium
  • Creating engagement – best practices to engage and influence remotely during online meetings
BBB - Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone

Strategic Presentation Planning

  • Use the A.P.C methodology for better planning
  • How to structure content with a logical flow
  • Make it stick! Tips and tricks to make a message memorable
  • How to adapt your presentation style to the virtual medium
  • Creating engagement – best practices to engage participants during online presentations and meetings
ROR- Return on Relationships

Intra-Company Networking & Collaboration

  • How to identify and solidify relationships with stakeholders
  • 4 Foundational principals for profitable relationships
  • Personal CRT map — a roadmap for managing your network
  • Small talk Vs. SMART talk
Communicating Success

Attitude & Skills in Customer Communication

  • The Fix-Fix approach in customer communication
  • Defining objectives — a key to effective communication
  • How to proactively manage customer expectations
  • “YES WE CAN” attitude — the power of positive communication
  • Managing sensitive conversations: How to say NO and stay alive
Communication in a Global Company

Cross-Cultural Training

  • Assessing cultural impact: What effect does culture have on work settings and business success?
  • How do different cultures define professionalism?
  • How to connect in various business interactions
  • Explore the communication variable — your Intercultural communication toolkit
  • Country specific programs are available.
Managing and motivating teams remotely (for managers)

Management in times of change and uncertainty

  • Identifying current key challenges of managing people in the virtual working environment
  • Strategies to predict, prevent and proactively plan to meet the identified challenges
  • How to empower and delegate effectively when WFH (working from home)
  • How to create and sustain high trust relationships – creating intimacy on a virtual platform
  • Management behaviours that motivates others to step out of their comfort zone
From superhero to superhuman (for managers)

Authentic leadership

  • How to create a psychologically safe environment in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Be far – Feel close, how to build trust, connectivity and a sense of belonging when WFH
  • Boosting morale, focusing on motivation from our circle of control
  • Creating a psychologically safe environment for people to be open, creative and launch new ideas
  • Building resilience in times of uncertainty, leading with curiosity, empathy and vulnerability
I firmly believe that successful communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. I say “it’s all about people” , because people like to do business with people they like. The stronger the relationship the better the results.

Barry Katz

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