Specializes In:
Effective communication
Nonverbal communication and body-language

What drives me?
The way we convey our messages sends powerful signals to those around us, in ways we aren’t always entirely aware of. I believe that being able to notice these blind spots, through tailored guidance and practice, will bring out and maximize every individual’s authentic self. I’m constantly inspired when watching each person find the exact complimentary tool that maximizes their presence and seeing them confidently bring out the best version of themselves in any environment they choose.

Experience Summary:
Lavi is an experienced workshop instructor and ‘one-on-one’ trainer. She has prepared candidates in both the private and public sectors for interviews and presentations. While specializing in the fields of effective messaging, body language, and nonverbal communication, Lavi helped them reach professional and personal goals.

Lavi graduated from the Goodman Theatre and Acting School of the Negev.

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