Monica Angeli
Senior Trainer and Consultant (Located in Paris)


Specializes in:
Team dynamics
Sales enheblment
leadership development

What drives me?
I enjoy collaborating and communicating with different people working towards a common purpose. I love unlocking “Aha!” moments for teams and enabling them to discover a simpler and more enjoyable way of achieving their goals. I thrive on adapting and connecting to an audience or individuals which uncovers a far richer path to human interaction.
Experience Summary:
Mónica has more than twenty years of experience in the tech industry, holding sales and HR leadership positions in leading companies such as Oracle, Google, Criteo and Tiktok. She specializes in helping teams thrive in hypergrowth environments through the facilitation of hands-on workshops for individuals to C levels. 

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    Team Dynamics

    When a team performs poorly, most of the time it’s not because team members are not capable of carrying out their assigned tasks. It’s more to do with miscommunication that leads to misunderstandings, unhealthy conflict and mistrust.  Poor communication also leads to poor relationships, resulting in low motivation and unwillingness  to  understand and help each other. […]

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