Communicating Success
Communicating Success

How to Improve Results Through Effective Communication – Communicating Success is about building trust, inspiring cooperation and managing sensitive conversations.

Powerful Presentations
The Power of Presence

How to Design and Deliver Powerful Presentations – This workshop prepares all levels of speakers to feel calm, comfortable and confident in a wide variety of events.

Customer Service
Service Excellence

How to have happier customers, fewer escalations and less stress – Better communication means better relationships and yields better, more profitable results.

Powerful Presentations
Get to the Point

How to create a presentation that makes an impact – For a presentation to have impact, it must be valuable, concise and engaging.

Cultural Competency – USA

How to work effectively with your American colleagues and clients – If we want to succeed when working together, we have to understand these cultural differences and know how to navigate and work with the various elements we may encounter.

Powerful Presentations
Personal Presentation Coaching

Combining interactive learning with personal exercises and feedback, this program is designed for those who wish to take their presentation skills to the next level.

Communicating Success
The “Write” Way

This workshops will help participants to write in a way that is efficient, avoids conflict and frustration and gain the cooperation of others. 

Powerful Presentations
Pitch to Win

There is a proven methodology that will show you how to best present your technology, market, and people