Boosting ROI at events
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Boosting ROI at events

Hands on methodologies for Pre, During, and Post-Event Success

Whether you thrive at events or accept them as a necessary evil, attending conferences, social events and tradeshows is an inseparable part of many professionals’ lives.

This interactive workshop focuses on effectively assessing, managing, and leveraging every interaction for potential value. We will do so by applying our BDA methodology of planning BEFORE the event, strategic networking DURING the event, and effective follow up AFTER it. The workshop is tailored to enhance your team’s conference engagement for improved results during leading industry conferences, kick-offs, and important client events.

You will learn how to:

  • Set pre-event goals and foundations for success
  • Master room dynamics
  • Conduct discovery discussions comfortably and confidently
  • End conversations gracefully
  • Follow up and follow through effectively

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