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Cultural Competency – USA

How to Work Effectively With Your American Colleagues and Clients

As the world’s largest economy, the USA is an integral part of business for many companies. The American culture, however, is unique in many ways.

 If we want to succeed when working together, we have to understand these cultural differences and know how to navigate and work with the various elements we may encounter.

This workshop will allow you to acquire these skills and provide you with both the awareness and practical tools to help you communicate effectively and establish better relationships with your American colleagues and clients.

You will learn how to:

  • Assess cultural impact: What effect does culture have on work settings and business success?  
  • Perceive Israeli behavior through American eyes
  • Recognize the 6 critical boundaries that Americans see as important 
  • Deliver and receive culturally sensitive messages. e.g. being assertive vs being aggressive, direct vs indirect, and reading between the lines
  • Use written communication that is effective with Americans, including what to be aware of.


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