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Cultural Competency

How to Build and Manage High-Trust Relationships Across Cultures


Global business holds exciting opportunities for growth and profit, but working across cultures can be complex. Each culture has its own unique values, beliefs and paradigms, and these differences are often invisible until there is a problem. We might find that we have offended someone, misunderstood instructions or unintentionally broken with protocol. This can result in lost opportunities and trust.

Cultural Competency starts with creating awareness of subtle differences and how to navigate them successfully. This training covers the specific behaviors and strategies for working effectively in different cultures, relevant to your needs. Whether you communicate via text, voice, video or in-person, if you want to build rapport and avoid conflict across cultures, it is essential to develop your Cultural Competency.

You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate your own level of cultural competency.
  • Understand how you are perceived by other cultures.
  • Build trust-based relationships that last.
  • Host and toast: Expected protocol when hosting different cultures.
  • Manage conflict in cross-cultural situations.

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