From Salesperson to Trusted Partner

How to Stop Selling and Start Helping Customers Buy


No one likes a sales pitch. When salespeople are too focused on selling, important information is often missed, resistance increases and trust is lost. While salespeople talk about products, trusted partners identify the problem and offer solutions. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn your customers’ needs and add value.

In this workshop, participants learn to align their interests with their customer’s and conduct professional sales conversations that include listening both to what is said and not said. The 3 primary causes of customer pushback are demonstrated with solutions for overcoming each in a way that benefits all concerned. In this way, sales occur as the natural result of high-trust relationships and satisfying real needs.

You will learn how to:

  • Position yourself as a trusted partner, rather than a salesperson.
  • “Sell me this pen.” Asking the right questions in the right way.
  • Listen to what is not being said. How to detect unconscious needs.
  • Source new customers and upsell to existing ones.
  • Manage pushback gracefully and effectively.

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