Team Dynamics
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Team Dynamics

Creating productive team work with people who enjoy working together


When a team performs poorly, most of the time it’s not because team members are not capable of carrying out their assigned tasks. It’s more to do with miscommunication that leads to misunderstandings, unhealthy conflict and mistrust.  Poor communication also leads to poor relationships, resulting in low motivation and unwillingness  to  understand and help each other.

For a team to work as a team, it needs a strong team leader. One that understands the team dynamics, and knows how to navigate the team to achieve optimum results.
To lead effectively its vital to develop the communication skills to set expectations, priorities and preferences, and learning to predict, pre-empt, and recover from conflict and challenges.
When team members don’t get along and can’t work well together, it creates a negative working environment which will impact overall team performance. The team lead needs to recognize individual team members strengths and weakness and how to leverage them to create a working environment where each team member feels supported, meaningful and safe. Not just to do their respective work, but to work and win as one team.

This program uses different assessment tools that will help you and your team learn how to —

  • Understand each team member’s unique communication style and preferences
  • Map your team as a whole and then understand each team member’s contribution to the team
  • Understand how to leverage each team member’s strengths
  • Identify key areas that need attention to improve performance
  • Assign and manage projects to achieve optimal results

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