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The I.C.U Approach

Personalized Customer Experience

Customers prefer a personalized experience over a generic, “one size fits all” solution.

The I.C.U. approach empowers customer facing roles to offer personalized, added value solutions that are focused on specific customer needs and challenges. This makes customers more likely to say “yes.”
By adopting the I.C.U. approach, you can better serve your customers and drive long-term and successful customer relationships.

Benefits of the I.C.U approach

  • Clearly and effectively communicate “I See You” to customers, leading to reduced churn, increased renewals, and upselling opportunities.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with stronger personal connections and improved customer loyalty.

The I.C.U approach at a glance:

Inquire: Asking thoughtful, probing questions, to gather valuable information and gain a deeper understanding of specific customer needs and challenges.

Inquiry skills uncover different perspectives, stimulate conversations, and build trust with customers.

Customize: Tailoring and adapting content, format and tone of a message to address the discovered needs, preferences and expectations of individual personas.

Customization accurately and effectively addresses customer pain points in a personalized way that resonates with customers.

Unify: Ensuring that everyone is aligned and clear on what has been agreed upon and expected next steps. Synchronizing all relevant internal and external stakeholders on action plan, goals and objectives to gain their support

We Offer the Following Training Formats:

  1. Lecture (60 minutes):Introducing the I.C.U. process with practical examples.
  2. Workshop (3 hours): Applying the I.C.U. approach to specific customer scenarios.


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