• Virtual or face-to-face
  • Regional or global
  • All-hands or a specific business unit

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Our Offering:

Designing the Content and Discussions

From choosing the theme through icebreakers and networking activities to round table discussions, we help to create a meaningful and engaging KO.

Speaker Preparation (for live or recorded talks)

We assist, empower and equip:

  • CEOs to create an inspiring and engaging kick-off message
  • All speakers to be concise, engaging and powerful
  • Kick-off moderators to make all parts stick
Producing clips or movies

Producing clips or movies that emphasize the KO theme and make people connect.

Keynote Lectures:

Some parts of our offering:

  • Creating Collaboration
  • Getting Better at Getting Better
  • Relationship Accelerator
  • Owning Your Personal Brand
  • There is NO Box – A new perspective on familiar situation
  • The Imposter Syndrome – How to Recognize and Recover
Bite size learning sessions

Tailored to each team’s objectives and communication gaps.

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