Sharon Bar-On
Client Partner


Specializes in:
Creating an excellent customer experience.
Generating Client Value.

What drives me?
I love meeting and working with people who are passionate about what they do.
I’m inspired by socially aware people, care about the environment and try to make a difference in our world.
I believe that good communication and mutual respect create a strong base for successful transformation. Feeling part of a company that lives up to these principles is important to me.

Experience Summary: 
Sharon has over 14 years’ experience setting up and managing back-office systems and working in customer-facing positions.
She strives to create an exceptional customer experience in every interaction and prides herself on giving individual attention to each of her customers.
From her many years’ supporting sales operations, Sharon has learned that understanding the customer’s needs is at the heart of her ability to provide them with the most suitable solution. 

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