Cultural Competency- China

How to Create Trust-based Relationships with Chinese Counterparts


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

Although written by Chinese philosopher Lao Zi more than 2500 years ago, this maxim is still true today, and your first step in China has a significant effect on the success of your path going forward.  

Many who have studied the Chinese markets and culture have achieved substantial success. Other, less prepared companies, have failed, suffered losses and had to close their businesses there.

To succeed in the Chinese marketplace, we need to understand the Chinese way of thinking, the mosaic of intricate motivations and the best ways to approach different situations.

Our individually tailored programs and consulting services will help you better understand the rules of the game in China and create strong sustainable business relationships with your Chinese partners.

You will learn how to:

  • Be prepared for your first meeting with Chinese companies.
  • Understand the Chinese way of thinking and how it affects your business
  • Establish mid- and long-term cooperation with your Chinese partners and  colleagues 
  • Avoid conflict and managing crisis with Chinese partners and colleagues
  • Managing and empowering Chinese employees

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