5 C’s of Building Trust

5 C’s of Building Trust

We define trust as “the willingness to engage in unguarded interaction”, and believe that trust is the foundation of every successful relationship, personal or professional.

For trust to flourish there are specific behaviors that must be present and nurtured. We call them “The 5 C’s”:

The first is Confidence – feeling sure of your capabilities. Being calmly, comfortably confident in what you say and how you say it, without arrogance.
Confidence is reflected through voice, body language, and presence. If I look and sound hesitant or insecure, it will be difficult for you to trust me.

The second is Competence – showing your professional capabilities and skills.
Competence is a matter of how well you understand the content, product, subject, etc. that you are discussing,
When I’m speaking to someone, I want to know that they have the necessary experience and background that is relevant to the discussion.

The third is Consistency – the ability to be consistent in the quality of what you do.
Consistency appears in a few different ways: in timeliness, in work quality, in communication styles. Being consistent allows others to relax, because they know what to expect.
People trust brands or products that have the ability to consistently provide a certain quality.

The fourth is Credibility – it is actually doing what you say you will do. It will show you are reliable, predictable, and persevering.
Be careful not to over-commit to what is not realistically sustainable.

The fifth often surprises people: Caring Connection – a true, authentic caring for the other person’s wellbeing. Making others feel important.
Caring means taking others’ interests into account, asking more questions, and listening attentively. Show respect and consideration, gratitude, and empathy.
Give and be open to receive feedback, and be supportive.

Consider the 5 C’s and how they already exist in both your professional and personal relationships, and which behaviors could use a bit of attention and development.
In building upon these 5 C’s, you’ll have stronger foundations on trust and communication.

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