Tal Gal-On Senior Consultant and Trainer



Specializes In:
Doing business in China
Chinese business culture, subtext and body language 

What drives me?
I am passionate about bridging the gaps between people and cultures. I fully believe that good communication is the foundation for cementing relationships, and that relationships pave the road to successful business.

To communicate better with colleagues and partners in China, it’s imperative to understand the nuances of the culture. Chinese businesspeople think, feel and behave differently towards common Western practices. Many of these nuances escape the Western eye.

My job is to make sure you don’t lose because you don’t know.

Experience Summary:
Since 2004, Tal has worked with Israel’s leading high tech, medical and industrial companies, helping them communicate with confidence with partners, suppliers or investors in China. He also works with a Chinese venture capital firm and represents Chinese investors in Israel. 

Tal speaks, reads and writes fluent Mandarin Chinese, and has been actively involved in numerous negotiations with Chinese counterparts.

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