Rules of Engagement – Sales for Non-Salespeople

How to Identify and Leverage Sales Opportunities


In all customer interactions, communication skills are essential. Whether it’s I.T., R&D or Support, to some degree, everyone is a salesperson. But no one likes a sales pitch. Customers want to be understood. They want to feel safe. And they want service providers to know what they expect and value most. Sales, at its core, is about solving problems and serving needs. 

In this workshop, participants learn to comfortably engage customers in conversation, ask professional questions and listen more attentively to what is said (and not said) in order to identify and close sales opportunities and create high-trust relationships. Also covered is how to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflict, as well as how to manage pushback professionally. The result is greater trust, cooperation and respect, the essential ingredients for customers to buy from us and keep coming back.

You will learn how to:

  • Become more confident and competent in managing client engagements.
  • Conduct a question-based dialog that makes clients want to buy from you.
  • Describe your solution in terms that are most relevant to the customer.
  • Build rapport using our 5C’s behavior model.
  • Manage conflict constructively and set clear professional boundaries.

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